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    Lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Pepper


    Marine Notes, Lotus, lily-of-the-valley, Lavender, Violet


    Cedar, Amber, Musk, Oakmoss

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    Product Details

    Contains water, glycerin, vitamin E and other ingredients to moisturize hands and last a long time.

    The Vikings, or Viking Pirates, lived between the 8th to 11th century and pillaged territories along the coast of Europe and the British Isles. They voyaged far and wide, from the European mainland all the way to Russia and up north to Scandinavia where the Vikings are believed to have resided. This period was known as the “Viking Age” and is an important element in the history of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. As the Vikings were few in number, they relied on well-engineered stratagems and unexpected attacks to gain victory. They were extraordinary warriors who fought fierce and unafraid, even in the face of death. Any other pirate up against a Viking would cower in fear.

    Out at sea, pirates battled by observing an age-old custom of fastening their vessels together, then walking up to the gangplank one by one to duel with another pirate representing the opposing crew. Everyone had the same fate: Either defeat the enemy for their crew, or lose their life in battle and the next pirate would attempt to avenge their death. Therefore, the first person up for battle was normally the strongest and quickest. On the deck, a multicolored flag was hoisted on the mast and it swayed gallantly in the wind. The Captain whips out his knife and declares with a bellow, “THE VIKINGS ARE NOT AFRAID!” He looks back at his team, “If you have decided to follow me, then we will face this until the end!”

    Anyone was free to withdraw by jumping out into the water and they wouldn’t be chased down. But this act would cause him to lose his honor and if he survived, he would be disregarded even by his own family – to give up the battle is as good as being dead.

    Just before battle starts, time seems to pause as the salty ocean air brings to mind the kiss of his beloved and the soft, smooth of his children. The bravery and strength he displays will reflect the longing for the home he is fighting for. As battle cries punctuate the air, perspiration glistens on their weathered bodies as they fight, knowing that these are the same waters where their ancestors had shed their blood and on the same platform would their descendants defend their families and honor.