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    Bulgaria rose, Neroli, Jasmine


    Black currant, Apple, Peach


    Patchouli, White amber, Sandalwood

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    Product Details

    The repair level body cream is rich in natural pure shea butter, macadamia nut oil, natural vitamin E and other ingredients to help the skin stay moisturized and restore healthy glow.

    Known as “living flowers” or “the way of flowers”, ikebana is one of the traditional arts of Japan and has been practiced for over 600 years. More than mere floral arrangement, Ikebana is an expression of creativity and discipline. The artist’s message and intent is expresses through color combinations, natural shapes, lines and silhouettes of the arrangement.

    A branch. A twig. A dried leaf. A fresh young pod. In ikebana, these are as treasured and valued as a flower in its full bloom. Over and above, the philosophy of ikebana is to develop harmony between humanity and nature; and for us to see how closely intertwined man and earth is with each other.

    When practicing ikebana, one needs to be at rest to have a very clear mind. This zen-like state leads the artist into simplicity and reframes his perspective where worldly cares and illusions have been abandoned. And in this same matter of time, he experiences the togetherness of man and nature.

    This is the perfect harmony of elegance, beauty, architecture, strength and tranquility.