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The Brand, RECLASSIFIED was born in Shanghai. It is the pioneer of proposing the idea of "Re-Salon" in China, introducing Niche Perfume to every corner of China and offering wide variety of choices to perfume lovers.
We explored stories from literature, history, art, and philosophy, then re-create the unmatchable poetry and dreams hiding in the deepest part of our memory. Being adventurous and romantic at the same time, we sought to explore the unknown, and bring you the beauty of life through our inspirations and creativity.
Minimalist is the soul of our brand. Our niche perfumes, home fragrances, personal care and other series is full of characteristic, beautiful and easy to use.
The History of Niche Perfume
Niche perfume is an elegant member of the perfume family. Early European aristocrats who customized their own perfumes in perfume shops did so for use at salon parties as a means to show their nobility and extraordinary taste. With features of unique style, customization and natural ingredients, niche perfume makes its users elegant and noble with lingering hint of scent. RE is such one member of the family of niche perfumes.
Re-Salon Concept
Re-Salon can be understood as perfume everyone can enjoy, that is, a life-oriented perfume that strikes a balance between quality and price.Re-Salon features: artistic | simple | life-oriented
Niche perfume, a representative olfactory work of art, gives an artistic expression to liberalism by appealing to the sense of smell.
Re-Salon perfume, being stripped of all complicated and overloaded elements, simply keeps essence of materials and cultures. RE uses environment-friendly materials and recyclable package, and truly reflects the intrinsic value of each product with appropriate price.
The traditional niche perfume targeted at the small groups of high-end customers, but Re-Salon perfume intends to change it. Approachable and fashion, when wearing it, people show their special taste and positive attitude towards life.