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Aroma, meditation, scent, Thought. These are elements so interdependent on each other that it always lulls one’s mind to a state of searching and introspection.
In 2009, the founder of RECLASSIFIED came back from New Zealand and had an encounter with the fragrance industry. Since then, our founder is completely devoted to the industry. In order to create a wonderful smell experience for more people, RECLASSIFIED was born in Shanghai in 2013. The mission of RECLASSIFIED is to be a global perfume brand that is based in China, sharing with the rest of the world its Chinese cultural heritage and unique perfume products.
RECLASSIFIED is a word we create for ourselves. It signifies our refusal to be classified as a usual perfume brand. We want to subvert the usual impression of perfume by endow it with the soul of philosophy. We believe that all things have their own places in the universe, and everything is inextricably interlinked. All elements, be it humanity, history, art, or philosophy, can be the source of inspiration for the creation of a perfume. A scent is the figuration of them.
From inspiration to products, it is a rigorous and long journey. But we never stop exploring. Exploring means changing, means never staying in the same place. It is our brand spirit and our philosophy, which has been reflected in our designing and developing our products.
In 2014, RECLASSIFIED had its first store named Perfumers’ Laboratory. The name incorporates our founder’s attitude toward perfumery, which is more of a professional and rigorous process than a romantic one. In doing so, we focus more on the fragrance itself instead of complicated design. Meanwhile, we specially developed a semi-professional version of DIY perfumery service for unique customer experience.
Perfume is a culture. We associate our emotions and thoughts with fragrance. Each fragrance contains human emotions and memories from ancient times, and it should be accessible to everyone. As an original perfume brand in China, we have always insisted on excellent quality and reasonable price. We also hope that our products can lead you into an exciting and charming journey of scent and arouse your curiosity and longing for the world.
Scents inspire us to contemplate our thoughts as we seek out the answers to the many mysteries that confound us. On this journey of discovery, RE walks alongside you on your sojourn. As the unique scents of RE permeates the air we breathe, the sensory experience evokes in us thoughts, feelings and emotions never experienced before.
As we inhale the gentle freshness, a picturesque landscape fades into focus and dissipates into nothingness, all but leaving behind a trail of gold dust, possessing the answers to the questions that we have always wondered about.