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DIY Blending event is the re-emergence of “salon fragrance”, with unique elegance in presence.
Each perfume lover who understands perfume shares a dream of re-creating their unique scents from their exotic travels or childhood memories.

Nevertheless, blending perfume itself is a progress that requires high complexity and expertise, which used to be done in labs. From personnel perspective, only those who are good friends with scent and fragrance can bring people beloved perfume.

Therefore, in favor of perfume lovers’ hands-on experience in creating perfume, RE has been dedicated to simplifying the entire blending process. In the past year, RE people has modularized over one hundred methods of blending. This July, after a whole year of research and development, 6 DIY blending styles are officially brought to public.

Each style has 9 fragrance bases, and each set can produce the essence for two sets of 80ml-perfume. It is total freedom whether to follow our quotient table or your own preferences. There is no need to worry about risks since the pre-blending process has been carefully measured. Even if you blend at random, you would not give birth to any weird odor. In this way, we encourage everyone to create at ease.
Moreover, this set of product is of extreme high value. The whole package only costs you 388RMB. You could feel free to take your creations home with an extra 88RMB to cover all the materials (which includes the specialized alcohol, filter paper, empty bottle, gland and paste, etc.).