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It sounds fascinating for making perfume, however, it’s also a science course which needs patience.
Comparing the fragrant bases and fragrance notes as chords and melodies, then the perfumers in RECLASSIFIED must be both the inventors of the chord and the composer who created the melodies. They not only find the right ingredients to compose the chord but they also play the different melody in one time.
During the days and nights, they keep searching, adjusting and creating, and finally have launched 10 styles of DIY set. It’s easy for you to find the style you prefer, and recreate it by yourself without any problems.
At the same time, to restore the scene of perfumers’ laboratory, the whole process of DIY in RECLASSIFIED were elaborately designed.
The tasks include gaining the professional knowledge of scent, smelling and mixing the fragrant bases, trying out the composition, then bottling the products.We offer the best services in every single step, and provide an opportunity of experiencing customized aroma to all who do not have a chance to become a perfumer.