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“禅”是 佛教“禅那”的简称,其意译为“思维修”或“静虑”。是佛教的一种修持方法,虚灵宁静,把外缘(外在事物)都摒弃掉,不受其影响;把神收回来,使精神返观自身精神世界即是"禅"。人生如行云流水,回归本真,这便是参透人生,便是禅。



“Zen” or Chán, is a form of Buddhism where words, ideas, images and thoughts are allowed to pass by without the intervention of intellect. It is entering into a state of abandonment to all external influence or logic, and start being attentive to the mundane details and being aware of the delusions we live in. The Zen school of thought believes that life is like the passing cloud or flowing water, and that the key to understanding life is by returning to one’s original state of nothingness.

A flower blossom. A stream of water. A passing cloud. A candlelight. The art of stillness is startlingly beautiful. A dew drop quivering on its leaf, steam spiraling upward from the cup of tea, or the final evening ray that streams across the room – these are perfect representations of the purity and simplicity of Buddhism.

We often seem to find ourselves in a defensive and anxious state because our hearts have not been guarded against the events or setbacks that may affect us negatively.  Oftentimes, we may realize that the actual setbacks are less severe than the emotional frustrations felt. Although it is normal to be mad at ourselves when we face challenges, take a step back and breathe easy as things that affect us now would turn out to be inconsequential in the long run. Let go of the chains that bind our hearts and come to peace by accepting ourselves, as it is our shortcomings make us authentic.