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    Now and then, the Easterners make use of incense for meditating,

    while the Westerners feel a person through his/her scent.

    Fragrance is a magic power which connects human beings and ideology.

    In 2013, RECLASSIFIED was born in Shanghai. It was designed to provide a philosophical and aesthetic feast to fragrance lovers by means of salon-class products and perfumery service.

    Dedicated to fragrance aesthetics, RECLASSIFIED has been positioned as a salon-class brand. We hope to provide products with easy price and creative soul that leads you an elegant olfactory journey.


    In 2016, RECLASSIFIED launched DIY Perfumery Service designed by the in-house R&D team. By the end of 2018, more than 100 RECLASSIFIED stores had been open across the mainland China. We deem it our mission to spread Chinese original perfume around the world.


    Each bottle of RECLASSIFIED fragrance has its owned story and an philosophy. For RECLASSIFIED, life is full of different elements integrated with each other. The philosophy that we convey is more about a lifestyle than the art inside the perfume. Our name RECLASSIFIED is a contradictory combination of "RE" and "Classified", implying that we "refuse to be classified". Never stops moving forward, we aim ourselves to bridge interesting culture, uphold independence, and express freedom.

    When life is such a hustle,

    the scent glitches to your surrounding could merge your senses and realization altogether,

    and inspire you a brand new discovery about life.


    Niche perfume, a representative olfactory work of art, gives an artistic expression to liberalism by appealing to the sense of smell.


    Re-Salon perfume, being stripped of all complicated and overloaded elements, simply keeps essence of materials and cultures. RE uses environment-friendly materials and recyclable package, and truly reflects the intrinsic value of each product with appropriate price.


    The traditional niche perfume targeted at the small groups of high-end customers, but Re-Salon perfume intends to change it. Approachable and fashion, when wearing it, people show their special taste and positive attitude towards life.