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    Privacy Policy

    Your personal information will be held and managed by Shanghai Xiangmao Trading Co., Ltd. By visiting and using the RE CLASSIFIED fragrance room website or mobile website (www.reclassified.cn), or by going to RE CLASSIFIED fragrance room store to purchase or experience products or interact with our content and/or services, or by contacting our customer service team, you confirm that you have read this privacy policy. You must be 13 years old to use our website and applications. If you are under 13 years old or a minor in your country or residence, please let your parents or legal guardians provide you with their information.

    This Privacy Policy covers all personal information that we collect, use and otherwise process in relation to your customers or potential customers as RE CLASSIFIED Condiment Room. RE CLASSIFIED Condiment Room will collect and use your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and in the circumstances permitted by applicable law. The above situations include:

    (i) You must collect and use your personal information to provide or perform the services you require or the services that others require us to provide to you;

    (ii) You have expressly agreed with us;

    (iii) RE CLASSIFIED Condiment Room must collect and use your personal information in order to seek one or more of the following legitimate interests:

    Analyse, outline and monitor customer models and better understand the preferences of our key customer audiences so that we can continuously improve our products and services.

    Enhance customer experience and services by ensuring personalized settings for web sites and applications related to products, services and activities as well as (if applicable) RE CLASSIFIED spice room push information to bring it closer to the specific preferences of customers.

    Ensure that our services, websites and applications are functioning properly and securely, for example by preventing fraudulent transactions.

    For internal reporting purposes, analyze the flow of passengers from Bobery stores, Bobery promotions or other activities, and ensure that adequate and appropriate products and resources are provided.

    Ensure that we maintain compliance with applicable laws, such as keeping our records accurate while abiding by applicable laws.


    Personal information we collect and its use

    When you register an account with us (online or in-store), place an order, interact with our digital content on your computer or mobile device, visit the RE CLASSIFIED fragrance shop, request in-store service or send us a consultation request, we will collect some of your information. At that time, we will explain whether the information collected involves personal information, such as personal information, whether it is voluntarily provided by you or whether it is mandatory for you to provide services. Please note that if personal information is collected to comply with mandatory requirements, if you do not provide us with such information, we may not be able to provide you with related products or services. Please refer to the provisions of this privacy policy to learn more about what personal information we collect and how to use it.


    Account Management and Customer Information

    We can collect the following information: your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number and other payment information. You confirm that we can also obtain information about you through authentication or identity checking (for example, when you shop on our website or application, through the authentication or identity checking involved in our regular fraud prevention checks). We use this information to identify your customers, process your orders, deliver products and services, process payments, update our records, and manage the accounts you open to us on terms with us. Providing us personal information is voluntary, but if you do not provide us with some information that we need to provide, we may not be able to process your order and send you the required order confirmation email and delivery confirmation email.

    If the applicable law permits or (subject to applicable legal requirements) with your consent, we can use information about how you use our website, applications and any in-store services to personalize our communications to you, the content that appears on our website and applications and the way they are presented, as well as the in-store services we provide to you. So that our website, applications, services and communications are more closely related to you, and enable you to use any interactive functions of our services.

    If you have a customer account (whether created online or in-store), you confirm that we can also collect information about the products you browse or purchase online, where they are purchased, and other information related to your shopping or customer relationship between you and RE CLASSIFIED fragrance room. We can also ask you to provide your birthday and gender, or you can use interactive content on our website or application or in RE CLASSIFIED fragrance shop or activities to provide us with information about yourself, your product size preferences and lifestyle interests. We use your customer account and personal information information to provide you with enhanced services according to your preferences, including personalized RECLASSIFIED fragrance room experience by understanding and identifying relevant products, services and activities that you may be interested in, and sharing information about your past shopping history with you.


    Except for what is available to the public or through which we can legally adopt it.