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    Bergamot, Bay Leaves, Pink Pepper


    Orris Root, Violet, Lilac, Jasmine


    Oud, Musk

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    During the Heian era, Kyoto is a city full of mystery. When the sky fades into dark, every demon enjoys playing prank on people who passed by deserted villages. Access is a monster who is full of curiosity and appears randomly, he is addicted to pry into humans’ lives with tricks include craning his head and look around, bulking up his head ten times bigger, or turning into transparent then rise as a balloon. Sometimes, Accesses show up in group, they are naughty but innocent as a bunch of white flowers with different characters. They appear in your life occasionally, revealing a rebellious atmosphere. You will be surprised at the first time seeing it then can’t help but think of these naughty devils from time to time.