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    Product Details

    Contains water, glycerin, vitamin E and other ingredients to moisturize hands and last a long time.

    Geishas are professional entertainers who specialize in the skill of traditional Japanese music and arts and are oftentimes incorrectly assumed to be courtesans.

    The history of the geisha can be traced back to 17th century Tokyo and Kyoto. The very first geishas were men who worked mainly in brothels or entertainment centers by singing, playing music and kept conversations going.

    The first female geisha emerged in the 1750s. By 1800s, geishas were predominantly female and this holds true till today. Besides serving as hostesses, many geishas entertain at large events by performing with traditional Japanese musical instruments, dancing, singing, conducting traditional tea ceremonies and reciting literature.

    Their clientele are typically rich and powerful upper-class men who seek gratification, romance, and possession all at once. In their elegant 12-fold kimonos, with their fair napes exposed, with spotless white socks and clogs that click with every step, they are no longer regular women but have become symbols and objects of desire.

    The Geisha is unaffected by the sweet murmurs of the men she serves. Her face painted white and lips stained crimson, is the mask that hides her emotions. The thick layers of her kimono and the strict code of conduct she follows help her, as she fights to keep her true self hidden. Despite the shallowness of this ukiyo she lives in, she waits, under the fireworks and by the sakura tree, for the one man whose love she buries deep in her heart.