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    Honey, Mint, Citrus


    India Jasmine, Narcissus, Violet



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    Contains water, glycerin, vitamin E and other ingredients to moisturize hands and last a long time.

    The Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death and that their soul would attach itself to a body or statue and continue to live on. Therefore, when a Pharaoh died, his physical body was embalmed with a combination of oils and minerals and wrapped in linen in a technique known today as mummification. When the mummy was buried, it was believed that the Pharaoh’s soul would reunite with his body and he would return to rule one day.

    Once upon a time, Osiris, the son of Geb the Earth god, was Pharaoh over the land. The people loved and worshipped him as he was a merciful king. They viewed him as the god of the River Nile and believed that he was the giver of life. Osiris had a younger brother, Set. In order to seize the throne, Set had Osiris assassinated and cut into 48 pieces, and then scattered the pieces throughout the land. Osiris’ wife, Isis, patiently nurtured their son and once he was grown, he had Set defeated. Isis dug out all the pieces of her husband’s body, assembled and then preserved the body into a mummy. With the help of the gods, Osiris was resurrected and they lived happily ever after. As Osiris was reincarnated into the afterlife, he became the judge of the dead in the underworld and protected the Pharaohs of the human world.

    In retrospect, when we compare the desire for a position of power and the yearning to be with the one you love, the latter can be much more intense. Love never ends and does not dissipate. If time does not permit a couple to be together in this lifetime, it is with hope that they will meet again in the afterlife. To be preserved and buried together is their preparation for when they reunite once again in their next life.