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    Product Details

    Long-term use of fixed shampoo products will remain in the hair, this product can effectively solve this problem, deep clean, wash residue. No silicone oil deposits, effective anti-dandruff, and zebra hair, bringing a refreshing feeling. Rich in rosemary and various plant extracts, it improves the scalp and hair growth environment, deeply nourishes the hair follicles, strengthens the hair roots, and protects the scalp. With the same fragrance as the perfume, it gives the hair a long-lasting fragrance, adding a romantic and elegant atmosphere, and it is more effective with hair conditioner.

    Peach trees begin to blossom abundantly with the arrival of spring in March. The beauty and exquisiteness of peach blossoms remind us of the richness and splendor of life. The beauty of peach blossoms is so captivating, unreal and timeless insomuch that this picture is frequently used to describe utopia in Chinese art and culture. It is also no wonder that a Tang Dynasty poet uses peach blossoms as a metaphor to describe the attractiveness and zest of a young lady.

    In Tao Yuan Ming’s book “Peach Blossom Spring”, the writer offers his definition of a “Peach Blossom Valley”. As it turns out, the “Peach Blossom Valley” is a concept of the existence of an oasis within each of us – a resting sanctuary for our weary souls.

    In our formative years, it has been ingrained in us to abide by societal norms and to live according to what others expect of us. We have fought and worked diligently our whole lives and at times need a resting place. But once we take the first step to shake out of the conformities that bind us and challenge the status quo, we will feel that it is easier to lead a life we yearn for.

    Just like the sweet and fruity fragrance of fresh peaches that permeates the spring air, we may discover alternative paths by searching out the Peach Blossom Valley within us. The best things in life usually arrive unplanned and unexpectedly.