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    Cardamon, Black Pepper


    Violet leaf, Cypress, Cinnamon, Saffron


    Incense, Musk, Vetiver, Styrax

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    Product Details

    A modern woody scent with citrus, pink pepper co-ordinate with cinnamon and saffron create a sexy fashion conqueror, aggressive but elegant.

    Breeding not only the fragrance of Grasse, artworks in Musée du Louvre, stories in Montmartre, France is also the mother of the founder who built the entire French Empire.
    In 1769, a boy was born in a family of faded gentility on Corsica. No one could have imagined that many years later, this child would become the one whose name is well known all over the world.
    Although he was short and fragile, but his intelligence and strength were far beyond people’s imagination. His anger was enough to break the silence of the Europe. Freedom, equality, fraternity provided him a broad vision and ambition while the sword crossed the barren tied his fate to France. In his subsequent years, the self-confidence inside him pushed the boy stand out, and became the successor of King Alexander and King Caesar. He repeatedly crushed Anti-French Alliance, on nearly sixty wars he never lost the land of conquest extends from the Mediterranean to the north. All the European countries except England, had been surrendered under his feet. At the moment of his 35-year-old, he was crowned as an emperor.
    Waterloo was the turning point of his life. After the failure, he was exiled to Saint Helena, a desolate island which was also the king's final destination. Though the lion fell here, the smell of blood never stops spreading. He came from the island, returned to another, which definitely explained the cycle of one’s life. “Le plus grand péril se trouve au moment de la victoire.” said the Lonely Lion.