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    Clip-clop, clippity-clop…The chariot broke the silence of the snow-covered grassland and carried a 15-year-old  Prussia princess heading for Russia marrying Pyotr III Fyodorovitch, the crown prince of the Russian Empire.

    The political marriage was doomed to shatter the fantasy for love. Yekaterina was pulled into a deep loneliness due to Pyotr's coldness and the strict control by the Russian empress Elizabeth. Even though, she didn’t give up. She broadened her horizon through studying Russian, royal manners, and reading. For the subsequent 18 years, she hibernated patiently until the occasion came. She overthrew Pyotr III with her lover’s support. At the age of 33, she was crowned as the Empress of Russia.

    In the following years, Yekaterina, who was also known as Cathrine II, wisely cultivated the nation and developed the territory across Asia, Europe, and North America. She led Russia to its great prosperity and became the only czarina who was titled "the Great" in Russian history.
    On the other hand, she indulged herself in love and debauchery. A dear friend Voltaire once advised her to be loyal to love. “Sorry, I could only be loyal to beauty and sensuality.”, replied the Empress.

    After 18 years of patience and perseverance, the delicate Prussian princess farewell to her naivety and transformed into a czarina that awe the whole Europe. During her 34-year reign, Catherine II made significant contributions. No wonder Voltaire praised her as "the brightest star over Europe".
    Just like the language of Jasmine "You're mine", the flagrance of Catherine II was intensively luxurious, domineering and resolute, which could deeply reaches to people’s inner parts.