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    The repair level body cream is rich in natural pure shea butter, macadamia nut oil, natural vitamin E and other ingredients to help the skin stay moisturized and restore healthy glow.

    Plum blossoms are very prominent in Chinese art. As the “Four Noble Ones”, the plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum are used to depict the unfolding of the seasons – plums burst into blossoms in winter, orchids flower in spring, the tough bamboo is resilient even in summer and chrysanthemums flourishes in the autumn air. The plum, pine and bamboo trees are known as the “Three Friends of Winter” because they flourish and do not wither in winter.

    In a land that is numb with cold, plum trees continue to stand stoic and remain defiant in the most adverse conditions. Even as their branches glisten brilliantly against the snow, plum trees burst forth with blossoms eager to welcome the coming spring.

    When snowflakes begin to freefall and dance in the sky, one will notice that the yellow plum trees have started to blossom and the first flowers are known as snow plum blossoms. As winter deepens, the yellow plum trees continue to blossom into full bloom and bring forth what are called winter plum blossoms.

    Like a faithful and steadfast man, the plum tree does not vie with spring for its beauty but is contented to be the messenger of spring. He will burst into beauty in his own time and remains strong and resilient even under the worst conditions.

    “He knows he need not boast nor struggle for limelight. He chooses to do things that will bring meaning and value, instead of wasting time on trivialities that draw unnecessary attention to himself. He accomplishes the tasks he sets out to do with excellence and strength, assured that success and recognition will seek him out”.

    Although plum blossoms are not particularly striking, their exquisiteness exudes an air of elegance. Their clean, pure and refined fragrance pervades the air to bring sweet respite in even the coldest times of the year.