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    Red Orange – Dazzling and Glamour

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    Product Details

    For RECLASSIFIED, Pure Lipstick is our first collection to involve in beauty industry. In this collection, we launched 10 colors with the different names from 10 varieties of Chinese rosa. Meanwhile, the colors of our lipsticks are similar with different kinds of Chinese rosa, also the names of these 10 Chinese rosa come from the person who discover that breed, such as: Lady Angela, Emilien Guillot, A Shropshire Lad, etc. The Pure lipstick collection continues the concept of RECLASSIFIED, telling story. However, this time we use colors to describe new stories, which brings new definition for makeup industry.

    Elegant, full of charm

    Like a ripe peach, she draws you in with her captivating and alluring beauty




    A gift contains the meaning of blessing, congratulation, or celebration of any relationship. RECLASSIFIED put much effort into designing a variety of gift packs in order to meet your different needs of all kinds of occasions and moods, and to match the best scent to perfectly present your goodwill. At the moment of giving and receiving, you can feel the relationship flows and evolves in the fragrance.