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    Amalfi Lemon, Red Apple


    Iris, African Orange Flower, Frangipani


    Musk, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar

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    Product Details

    The repair level body cream is rich in natural pure shea butter, macadamia nut oil, natural vitamin E and other ingredients to help the skin stay moisturized and restore healthy glow.

    Apollo was one of the Twelve Olympians,the most important gods in Greek mythology. He is the son of Zeus (king of the gods) and Leto (the hidden goddess). He is the god of light and the sun, youth and music. He is beautiful in appearance and the only god who is able to control the Sun.

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden Clytie who caught a glance of the handsome Apollo’s smile and grew infatuated with him. However, Apollo did not feel the same way for her. In a bid to prove her love for him, she went without food and water for nine days with hopes that Apollo would turn his heart towards her.

    After nine days, she became so haggard that her legs looked like sticks and her frail body became as thin as leaves. Her beautiful face was as ragged as a wilted petal. Although Clytie’s appearance changed, her heart never wavered. She pined for Apollo, fixing her gaze towards the sun. Her eyes would follow wherever Apollo went in his chariot. Eventually, she turned into a flower known as the sunflower because it always faces the sun. Today, the sunflower is a symbol of adoration and admiration.