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    Lemon, Bergamot, Violet Leaf, Pepper, Melon


    Lotus, Freesia, Aqua, Sandalwood


    Amber, Musk, Dry wood

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    Product Details

    Contains water, glycerin, vitamin E and other ingredients to moisturize hands and last a long time.

    The Milesian School of thought was based on observationsof everyday natural phenomena. They introduced logical reasoning, as opposed tomythological explanations as a basis for explaining the universe. The Milesian school of thought marks the beginning of western philosophy and represents the shift from mythology to philosophies based on knowledge and science. The three philosophers of the Milesian School were Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes.

    Thales is widely regarded as the father of Western philosophy. His most famous philosophical position was his cosmological thesis as he sought to answer his own question of “What is the origin of all matter in this world?” He concluded that water is the single material substance from which all things originate.

    The second philosopher, Anaximander, theorized that the phenomenon of water transforming into air, and air returning to form water, evidenced the presence ofapeíron - an undefined element from which all things originate. This indefinitenessdrives the rise and fall of all things within the continuum of time. 

    The third philosopher, Anaximenes, observed the naturalprocesses of rarefaction and condensation and hypothesized that air is the primary element of all things. This is because as air condenses, it metamorphoses into mist, rain and other states of matter, which go on to form the earth and ultimately stones.

    Water is like a witness of things past. It can express a depth of emotions or embody the mysteries of science.A collection of matter transforms itself into a river of water. The river winds itself across boundaries and water flows through each land and plain. Should water be the basic element of all things, then our stories can be recounted with a single drop of water. “Our daily lives are linked closelyto water, but do we listen out for its simplicity?” In the hustle and bustle of our lives, let us stand still for a moment and pay attention to the clarity and calm of that stream of flowing water.